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Founded on the principle of 'practical innovation', RE:DEF is a full service provider from consultancy over market intelligence, product development to implementation.

At RE:DEF, analysts and consultants meet with seasoned practitioners and former operatives in the advertising, marketing and media industries. Our team is composed of professionals who understand the intricacies of the industry and experts in data science, statistics and strategic advisory, enabling us to turn insights into tangible actions.

Our unique approach combines high-level, strategic market insights with boots-on-the-ground application. We ensure that ideas and innovations can thrive in a real-world environment. And that real-world data and experiences are at the forefront of shaping strategies. Our team's proficiency extends from statistical modelling, data science and market analysis to implementing and operating the very systems that manage advertising dollars. This allows us to offer comprehensive solutions across the entire value chain either as external partners or embedded team members.

Managing Partner

Daniel Knapp

Daniel is an advertising, media and data expert with more than 15 years of international experience. He has served in leadership roles spanning market analysis, strategic advisory, and business intelligence. In addition to leading RE:DEF, he is Chief Economist at IAB Europe. Daniel is a board member at the Institute of European Media Law and Senior Fellow at Euractiv, a Brussels-based think tank on media pluralism. Previously, Daniel was associated expert on media and AI at the European Commission for Vice President Ansip’s Cabinet and co-founded a programmatic advertising agency. He spent 11 years at IHS Markit, latterly as Executive Director in the Telecoms, Media and Technology practice. Before this, he worked in media policy at the State Chancellery in Düsseldorf, Germany. Daniel received his PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Managing Partner

Hossein Houssaini

Hossein Houssaini has an extensive background in digital advertising and technology. He notably contributed to the digital advertising sector during his tenure as Global V.P., Head of Programmatic Solutions at Havas Group, where he was involved in key initiatives like forming the Global Music Data Alliance with the Universal Music Group.Before joining Havas, he played a crucial role in establishing I.P.G. Mediabrands's trading desk, Cadreon, in the DACH region, and managed the Mediabrands Audience Platform. His earlier experience includes a significant role at Google, leading the RichMedia business for DACH and the Nordics.Hossein is an expert in driving innovation and growth in digital advertising organisations demonstrated through his work with MediaMath, Bang & Olufsen, and Audienzz/Zulu5. He maintains an influential role within programmatic through his founding of the English production of the social media show, "The Programmatic Society."

News & Updates

Dr Daniel Knapp's fire side chat at Campaigns TV: The Next Episode

The last 12 months of TV had it all, including plenty of advertising. Marketers invested £5.28 billion in TV advertising in the UK in 2022 – and there’s no sign of it slowing down. But the industry faces fresh challenges and opportunities. Inflation and market volatility fuel uncertainty, streaming viewership has slowed, broadcasters battle to increase their share of digital viewing time and progress has been made around metrics. Marketers have made sense of the fragmented TV landscape but still require help to maximise investments. And while subscriptions-based streaming has dominated screens and conversation in recent years, its viewership actually declined for the first time last year, with UK broadcasters delivering the most hits. So that’s why ‘TV: The Next Episode’ is back – we’ll be exploring the most pressing issues facing the TV advertising industry, and helping ensure your TV advertising investments thrive.


Digital TV

IAB Europe Event: The Great Digital Debate – Daniel Knapp & Tom Kershaw

Looking past COVID-19, Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist at IAB Europe and Tom Kershaw, Chief Technology Officer at Rubicon Project will each present their hypothesis on how they see the digital advertising market evolving over the next 5 years. They will then discuss and debate these hypotheses, particularly in relation to market consolidation, user habits and how advertising needs to adapt, openness and interoperability of technologies and businesses, and the role programmatic will play in all of this. The webinar will take place on 16th June at 16.00 CEST / 15.00 BST

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