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Insight, strategy and hands-on execution for advertising and media.

We offer a unique blend of strategic thinking, data science and practical application in digital advertising.

RE:DEF combines strategic insight with hands-on practical expertise, enabling us to seamlessly transition from the boardroom to execution, offering robust, unbiased analysis underpinned by deep sector understanding, evidence-driven methods and sound implementation.


Market Intelligence & Analysis

Anticipate trends in digital advertising understand the market landscape, benchmark vendors and partners.

Thought Leadership & Innovation

Identify emerging trends and future drivers through keynote presentations and innovation workshops.

Monetization & Optimisation

Define pricing strategies and yield management, develop vendor RFPs, assess & fine tune ad tech stacks (e.g. supply path optimisation), execute programmatic setups, coach & train operational teams, build analytics and reporting infrastructure.

Data & AI Strategies

Develop future proof data strategies, select and audit partners from ID solutions to cleanrooms, formulate data & AI ethics and implement new AI approaches into product strategies and workflows.

Investment & Finance

Obtain market due diligence, pitch support, and product roadmap review.

Regulation & Policy

Understand changes in advertising and media markets and develop relevant policies and monitoring approaches.

Expert knowledge

Deep understanding of the advertising, marketing, and media industries informed by experience in strategic advisory, analysis and regulation, paired with applied operational knowledge on the buy and sell-side.

Empirical foundation

Evidence-led, unbiased approach rooted in statistical modelling, data science, and market analysis calibrated to gather robust insights and make informed decisions.

Sound implementation

Bridging the gap between theory and practice through extensive experience in designing, implementing and operating systems that manage advertising budgets and workflows.